Internship at LAVOLÉ



Every week we receive several inquiries from motivated students and pupils of speech therapy who would like to do an internship at LAVOLÉ. This makes us very happy, because it shows that there are still many young people interested in our profession and especially in our practice!

Twice a year, we offer you the opportunity to complete a high-quality, interesting and educational internship with us. This means that we cannot find a place for all applicants.
To make sure that we welcome exactly you as an intern in our team, we have a few helpful tips for your application:

Basically, we are especially happy about interns who stay at LAVOLÉ for a longer period of time (at least 4 weeks).
Our goal is to make your internship as efficient as possible. We are happy to invest time and energy to support our future colleagues. In return, we would like to see a corresponding commitment from our trainees.

What convinces us:
High motivation
Forward-looking, independent work
Punctual and friendly appearance
Willingness to accept and implement constructive criticism
Committed integration into our team during the time together
Contribution of own ideas

What we would like to offer you:
High quality job shadowing / supervision with feedback forms.
Support during the induction process through our onboarding sheet
Insight into everyday speech therapy: therapies in the practice, home visits, homes, etc.
Familiarization with all types of disorders as well as various diagnostics and therapy methods
Participation in the weekly Jour Fixe: get an insight into the organizational aspects of the profession and our cooperation as a team
Try yourself out – we support you with your ideas!
Mutual interim and final feedback
Option of being taken on after successful completion of training

What should your application include:
The “hard facts”: What is your name? When and for how long would you like to complete your internship? Where are you studying or at which school are you doing your training? What previous knowledge do you have? What tasks have you been given by your training institution? What should be the relationship between observation and your own (partial) therapies? Which disorders should you see and in what proportion?

Tell us something about yourself: Who are you? What makes you special? How did you get into speech therapy? Which disorders do you like most?
And most importantly, why do you want to do your internship at LAVOLÉ? What do you expect from your internship? How do you want to contribute yourself? What are your personal (learning) goals for the internship?

And now we are looking forward to receiving your meaningful and individual online application from our internship coordinator Katharina Meindl (!